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A breif look into the past.

Tripass Design was created to test the norms, and create a branding experience that is unparalleled. From a flashy new website design, to a total rebrand, we take pride it creating an brands that make an impact. Working with Tripass, is more than hiring someone who figured out how to create beautiful designs out of mere thoughts and ideas. You become apart of a family. A family of hard working entrepreneurs and business owners who only get a good nights rest after a hard days work. A family that wants to see each others success play out like a good book you refuse to put down. A family that will be with you every step of the way, and refuses to let you adventure alone.

Brandon Fuller

While attending University of Northern Colorado, pursuing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, I started an in-home personal training business, mostly out of an interest in creating something all my own. I have always had a deep interest in entrepreneurship. So much so, I got suspended in middle school for selling candy out of my locker. However, I only though of owning a business as a hobby or something you did when you got fired from your job. That was until enrolling in BAMG 410 Innovation and Entrepreneurship. That was where my passion turned into an obsession. Using the in-home personal training business, I taught myself how to develop a brand and create culture around my idea. Fast forward to 2020, I came to the realization I enjoyed the process of brand development more than the actual business ownership, and decided to try to morph the two, leading to the creation of Tripass Design.

Brandon Fuller- Owner of Tripass Design

It is our mission at Tripass Design to help develop brands for companies that want to make a positive impact in their communities. Though we focus on building powerful fitness brands, we are dedicated to helping any business or personal brand ready to share their story with the world.


Brand identity design is not just about creating logos; it's about creating a memorable experience and positioning your company for success. Developing a culture through captivating designs, and brand positioning.

Web Design

Together we can create a beautiful website design that will wow your customers. All of our websites are created through Webflow, and have an easy to use back end that will make editing your website a breeze.

Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design or EGD is a great way to enhance the user experience through the visual translation of ideas in the built environment. Well executed environmental displays.