Capturing the Spirit of New Mexico

Partnering with Blue Eyed Bison, a New Mexico-based photographer with a flair for capturing the region's soul, we embarked on a vibrant journey at Tripass Design. Our goal? To weave Blue Eyed Bison's mesmerizing photography into a website that resonates as powerfully as the images themselves. We set out to create more than just a showcase – we aimed for a digital storytelling experience.

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Finding the perfect creative solution

Navigation flows as smoothly as a desert breeze, leading visitors through galleries that celebrate the natural beauty captured by Blue Eyed Bison. In tandem, we designed a logo that's more than a symbol – it's a stamp of authenticity, reflecting the unique style of Blue Eyed Bison and resonating with the heartbeat of the region. This identity seamlessly weaves into their social media and marketing, enhancing brand recognition and connection.

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Final Thoughts

The Blue Eyed Bison project stands as a beacon of what Tripass Design stands for – transforming visions into digital realities that speak, breathe, and inspire. We didn’t just build a website; we crafted a portal into Blue Eyed Bison’s world, inviting the audience to experience the world through their lens. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design in harmonizing art with its digital platform.

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