Inspiring Golf's Next Generation

At Tripass Design, we had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Calcutta Golf School on an exciting venture. Calcutta Golf School embarked on a noble mission – to introduce golf to a new generation of enthusiasts. This was a unique challenge, as they were not rebranding but building a brand from the ground up. The task was clear: create a brand that would seamlessly blend the timeless traditions of golf with the evolving tastes of today's youth.

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Finding the perfect creative solution

To address these challenges, we started by creating a modern custom script logo that artfully combined golf's rich heritage with contemporary flair. We chose a color palette of navy and gold to add sophistication and luxury to the brand. This logo served as the cornerstone of their brand identity, capturing the essence of golf while appealing to the younger generation. To ensure brand consistency, we developed a comprehensive visual identity system that empowered Calcutta Golf School to maintain a unified image across all brand touchpoints.

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Final Thoughts

Working with Calcutta Golf School was an inspiring journey. Crafting a brand from scratch for a new company in a traditional industry was both challenging and rewarding. We are proud to have created a brand identity that bridges the gap between golf's timeless traditions and the aspirations of the younger generation.

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