Greenspace Landscaping

Greenspace Landscaping

Brand Identity Design

Greenspace Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company located in Jackson, Wyoming. The team at Greenspace Landscaping is composed of experienced professionals who offer a wide range of services including lawn care, garden design, and hardscaping to both residential and commercial clients. The company values sustainability, creativity, and customer satisfaction, and is committed to delivering exceptional service and creating beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance the lives of their clients. As a leading landscaping company in the Jackson area, Greenspace Landscaping is dedicated to helping their clients maintain or transform their outdoor spaces with the highest level of quality and care.


Greenspace Landscaping recognized the need for a brand refresh as they had grown and wanted to establish a distinct identity that would set them apart from other landscaping companies. When they first started their business, they did not have a specific brand style in place and simply created something quickly to get started. However, as the company grew and began to explore new markets, it became clear that a cohesive brand image was necessary to effectively communicate their value proposition and stand out in a crowded industry.


To address the challenge of updating Greenspace Landscaping's brand to better reflect their values and goals, and to position themselves for future growth, Tripass Design conducted market research to understand the landscaping industry and the specific needs of the company's target audience. Based on this research, our team created a new brand strategy that included a revised logo, color palette, typography, and visual assets. These new brand elements were designed to be cohesive and consistent, and to effectively communicate Greenspace Landscaping's value proposition to potential customers.


During the design process for Greenspace Landscaping's logo, we were committed to conveying a friendly message through the use of a simple icon logo. After conducting research and sketching out various ideas, we landed on a mono-line leaf logo that transforms into a tree. This logo not only represents the state tree of Wyoming, the cottonwood, but also the mountain landscape of Jackson through the pine tree.

Visual Design