Gruv Card Brand Identity

The Gruv Card Branding Project involved designing the brand identity for an innovative NFC business card solution that aimed to eliminate the need for traditional paper business cards, which can be expensive and wasteful. The primary goal was to create a brand that conveyed the benefits of Gruv Card, both for potential clients and the environment. Through a collaborative process, we developed a brand identity that communicated the professionalism, efficiency, and environmental consciousness of Gruv Card. The logo and visual elements were crafted to reflect the modern and tech-forward nature of the product, while also conveying its eco-friendly appeal. The color palette was chosen to evoke a sense of innovation, trust, and sustainability. By designing a brand identity that effectively communicated the value proposition of Gruv Card, we aimed to make a positive impact on potential clients and the environment, encouraging them to embrace a more sustainable and efficient approach to business networking.

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