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At West Valley Golf Cars, the essence of the brand is embodied by a team of experts who share a deep passion for the golf cart industry. With a wealth of experience, this team isn’t just adept in the mechanics of golf carts; they are devoted problem solvers, eager to tailor solutions that precisely fit the needs of each customer. From custom golf cart builds to maintenance advice and parts selection, West Valley Golf Cars stands as a trusted guide in the journey of every golf cart enthusiast.

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Brand Identity Project

With the transition to new ownership, West Valley Golf Cars faced a critical moment: updating an outdated brand without losing the essence that built a loyal customer base. Our challenge was to blend the old with the new seamlessly. We achieved this by retaining key elements from the previous logo, infusing them into a modern design that speaks to both legacy customers and new prospects. This delicate balance in rebranding was complemented by a strategic brand development plan aimed at expanding market reach while staying true to the core identity that customers have always valued. The refreshed brand now reflects a perfect amalgamation of tradition and innovation, positioning West Valley Golf Cars not just as a familiar name, but as a dynamic player ready to lead in new market territories.

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Website Design Project

The old website for West Valley Golf Cars served merely as a placeholder in the digital landscape. Our mission was to transform this into a vibrant, functional online presence that would serve as a comprehensive resource for golf cart owners. The new website is designed to be more than just an information portal; it’s a tool that enhances the customer experience. Key features of the redesigned website include a service scheduling form, allowing customers to easily book appointments for their golf carts, and a dynamic inventory section showcasing new, used, and custom golf carts available for purchase.

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