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Driven By Our Core Values.

Take The Initiative

Don't wait to be told to do something. Take the initiative in life and in work to push yourself forward. Find new opportunities for improvement. Get involved in your community, and take time to help others that need help.

Make a Positive Impact

Look to make a positive impact in your community every day. Be selfless in your endeavors. We believe in doing the right thing and making decisions without expectation of anything in return.

Go the extra Mile

Always strive to exceed peoples expectations. Invest extra time into improving your skills. No matter the situation, putting in the extra work and extra time will lead to better results, stronger relationships, and powerful skills.

Build Relationships

Look to build positive and lasting relationships with those we encounter. Invest in getting to know our customers. Cheer for their wins, help them through their losses. Build all relationships off the foundation of trust, cooperation, and fairness.

Our Beginings

In 2020 Tripass Design was founded out of the urge to create. The urge to build something from the ground up. We saw branding for small businesses go from something unique to a watered-down template version. We wanted to change that. Our mission essentially boiled down to creating custom brand identities that was centered around the experience your business provides. We wanted to bring back the uniqueness each business holds.

Our roots started with making custom logos, but have since grown. We now pride ourselves in designing experiences through the many touchpoints a customer has with your brand. Developing eye-catching websites, creating powerful brand identities, and providing brand strategies poised to grow your business. Each business is unique and it is important to empower them through beautifully crafted custom brands. 

Brandon Fuller, owner of Tripass Design.

Brandon Fuller

Founder of Tripass Design

While attending University of Northern Colorado, pursuing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, I started an in-home personal training business, Sky Fitness. I did this mostly out of an interest in creating something all my own. While running Sky Fitness, I taught myself how to develop a brand and create culture around my idea. I didn't have tons of money to spend on this idea, so everything I made I taught myself to do. I spent any free time I had learning the ins-and-outs of logo design, researching places to get t-shirts printed, and reading books on how to best position yourself online. This eventually led to my brand looking much larger than it actually was, but there was one minor problem. I got bored with the day to day. I slowly would spend more time creating illustrations for t-shirts and updating my website than I would spending time with the small client base I had.

Fast forward a couple of years, my aunt reached out to me and asked if I could create a logo for her newly formed construction company. In some ways, this was the start of Tripass Design. I found my passion. I loved the creative process in building her brand, and decided to look for ways to pursue this as a career. After a short stint installing signage, and doing some freelance work here and there, I decided to officially start Tripass Design in June of 2020.

It is our mission at Tripass Design to help develop brands for companies that want to make a positive impact in their communities.

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